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Neutral Zone

Concert ○ Jeudi 16 novembre à 19h ○ Prix libre



synthé & boîte à rythme


Vernissage de l'album "Hogofogo"

(Salvation Records/DALA Produkte)


Hello! Welcome to the neutral zone. You'll meet a sportsman, a villain, residents of several planets. What are they doin' here? They're looking for the most beautiful sound of 'em all. Kraftwerk knew that you preferably do that on a bicycle. And so does David Langhard of the electronik project Neutral Zone.

Based in Winterthur, Switzerland, he sculpts the most sparkling sounds, produces beats, potters around synthesizers and road bikes . He does so for more than twenty years now.

A Casio SA-5, an Intersound PK-380 keyboard and a tape recorder: That was 1995. Since then the gear has breeded like rabbits, the band members quadrupled, the releases multipled itself. Hogofogo is the fifth album by Neutral Zone, after three cassettes, one CD and quite a few remixes for other bands and musicians.


The Band:

DAVID LANGHARD (Howlong Wolf/Admiral James T.) - words & music

CHRISTA HELBLING (Howlong Wolf/John Was Henry) - birds & waves

ANDREW WOLFENSBERGER (Dr. Farfisa/The Hungry Men) - highs & lows

KUSI LUGINBÜHL (Skaladdin/The Hungry Men) - beats & whams




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